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The Trace Bulger Foundation
18484 Mallery Rd. Noblesville, IN 46060
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 We are grateful for the love and support Trace received during his illness from friends, family, and the community.  We thank you all; for without you, continuing efforts of the Trace Bulger Foundation would not be possible.  The TBF is dedicated to joyfully remembering and celebrating the life and goals of Trace: “I want to do great things in order to help my community” and impress the world “ as a man who loved, served, and led his community.” The TBF 2020 goals are to provide funding for an annual scholarship, assist individuals & families affected by neurological degenerative disease, and support other chosen philanthropic efforts in our community. 

The Trace Bulger Foundation has received articles of incorporation and is currently filing for charitable organization 501(c)(3) tax status. It is expected that the process will be accomplished before the end of 2020. Once tax exempt status is attained, charitable contributions may be tax deductible 15 months in arrears – always consult your tax professional advisor for details.